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Berlinale 2008: Seven young German and French film fans will award the independent prize "Dialogue en perspective"

(Noticiascadadía).- For the fifth time the international Francophone TV channel TV5MONDE, official partner of the Berlin International Film Festival, the Berlinale and the German-French Youth Office (FGYO) have asked German and French film fans to apply for the jury to award the prize "Dialogue en perspective". Now the seven cineastes who will enjoy the Berlinale 2008 as jury members have been selected. At the end of this year's Berlin International Film Festival they will present the prize "Dialogue en perspective" to their favourite film of the Berlinale section Perspektive Deutsches Kino.

As in former years it was once again a challenge for the initiators of the "Dialogue en perspective" prize to select the members from the numerous interesting applications that were submitted. The application had to include a review of the German film The Lives of Others by Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck, an evaluation of the German film from an international perspective, and had to give an idea of various favourite films in different personal situations.

The three German and four French jury members will see all films presented within the section Perspektive Deutsches Kino, and will discuss who should win this year's "Dialogue en perspective" award. The idea is to discuss new German film from a bi-national and youth point of view, and to thereby contribute to the intercultural dialogue.

The jury members are:

. Marie Klein, 19 years, Stuttgart, Germany
. Markus Müller, 23 years, Düsseldorf, Germany
. Julian Radlmaier, 23 years, Berlin, Germany
. Suzanne Berjot, 18 years, Nancy, France
. Hélène Courtel, 21 years, Nantes, France
. Mehdi Haddad, 19 years, Vigneux-sur-Seine, France
. Ariane Kujawski, 21 years, Sevran, France

This year, German director and producer Peter Sehr will be jury president. Sehr received the German award "Deutscher Filmpreis" for his film Kaspar Hauser. His multinational co-productions have received various awards at several international film festivals.



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