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Humanitarian Music Artist Nassiri Aims to Change the World One Chorus at a Time

Fashion mogul and international singer, composer and peace advocate Fred Nassiri announced today that he will kick off his worldwide peace initiative Sunday

(Iberonews).- Filming in Egypt, Israel, Russia, Germany, Spain and the United States, and other locations to be announced, his crew will use local directors and local children at some of the world's most inspiring and meaningful locations, including the Pyramids, Brandenburg Gate and the Statue of Liberty.
Nassiri will sing the "Love Sees No Color" chorus in 12 different languages, bringing together children from numerous races, countries, creeds, religions and colors. The tour will wind up in New York City where Nassiri and children will be shooting in various locations around the city.
The unforgettable chorus of the song, which in English reads: "Love sees no color, no race, no religion / We are the same as the rays from the sun / Love see no color, no race, no religion/ Only through love can we live as one," will be sung in Portuguese, Russian, Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese, French, Spanish, English, Hindi, Farsi, Japanese and Italian.
The purpose of the video or "Cinematic Peace" as Nassiri calls it, is to be used as a mechanism to create awareness of a much larger goal - to spread the message of peace and harmony to the world through the power of music.
Director Lawrence Jordan and Nassiri have also looked beyond the current tour to complete their vision. They will use local directors and video crews in China, Australia, Japan, India, Brazil, South Africa and Iran at locations that include The Great Wall of China, Taj Mahal and the Australian outback. Of special note, throughout the filming of the video, each local director, based on a general set of parameters, will film the chorus of the song (in English and their native language) through their own eyes, thus creating something that inspires peace from the "inside out".
Nassiri, who originally built his fortune as a fashion magnate and one of the USA's largest wholesalers of designer labels to mass merchandisers, plans to donate all the profits from the sale of the "Love Sees No Color" single to charities around the world through his 501(c)(3) non-profit "Love Sees No Color" Foundation.
Of his mission, Nassiri states, "This is a humanitarian effort and passion. Music is my mission and my message is love. The music and message are intended to transcend all ages, genders, races and religions to help create a harmonized, peaceful world. I truly feel with all my heart that where there is love there is compassion, where there is compassion there is harmony, where there is harmony there is peace."
The always humble Nassiri has involved himself in countless other philanthropic missions, which he has never publicized. In the last 3 months alone, he made a $100,000 donation to the Nelson Mandela Children's Fund and visited with Nelson, Winnie and Zindzi Mandela. In addition, he adopted a family with AIDS and their children in Soweto, South Africa and the Haven House.
Nassiri's debut album, also titled "Love Sees No Color," will be available in retail stores and at all online outlets for digital download through Nassiri Music (his own independent record label) & Navarre distribution on November 14th. The song "Love Sees No Color" has already made an impact on U.S. radio - on September 18th it hit U.S. Adult Contemporary and Triple A radio formats as the most added single in America.


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