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Dorantes returns to International Antalya Piano Festival

The fundamental idea of the show Open Piano by Dorantes, is “from the classical to the Open.”

Dorantes was born into a family of flamenco royalty in Lebrija, a suburb of Sevilla , Spain . With such a family background, Dorantes’ childhood aspiration was to be a flamenco guitarist, but he soon became fascinated with the piano and studied at the Real Conservatorio de Musíca in Sevilla. Today he is highly regarded as one of the most creative and innovative flamenco piano virtuosos of our time. The music of David Peña Dorantes cannot be easily classified. It is said that he is a virtuoso instrumentalist, a modern genius of the flamenco. He gracefully combines classical, jazz, Celtic, Cuban and Brazilian rhythms into his compositions—a rare avant-garde style that has earned him many international awards and accolades. Flamenco belongs to the world by birth and experiences, but the process of creation is quite personal. His music has nothing to do with the most common fusion experiments – he has discovered a new dimension to the piano. The first album he recorded, Orobroy (1998), was a refreshing surprise, a proof of his talent and versatility with many leading figures of flamenco, like his uncle, “El Lebrijano”. His follow up albumSur (2001) was also highly acclaimed.

“Open Piano” 

The fundamental idea of the show Open Piano by Dorantes, is “from the classical to the Open.” Dorantes creates a space from his piano where musicians and dancers can dialogue, express and thrill. Those three actions come together during a recital reigned above all else by the personality of Dorantes’ sound, which goes beyond flamenco and the Andalusian, to become something like Atlantic . According to one critic of the show, Silvia Calado, “the instrumental pieces are captivating, but the collaborations by the bailaores are truly sublime… the piano and the entire band made sounds like a high-voltage discharge, which electrified the end of an evening which was a ceremony of the encounter between what’s from here, what’s from there and what we are together.”


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