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Knowing extra virgin olive oil

Posittive and negative attributes of extra virgin olive oil

iloveaceite help us how to know better all about the extra virgin olive oil

Positive attributes:

. Set of olfactory sensations characteristic of oil, dependent on variety of olives, from healthy fresh fruit, green or ripe, perceived directly or via retronasal.

 Bitter. Flavour of oil obtained from green olives or olives turning color.

 Picante. Tactile sensation characteristic of oils produced at the beginning of the year, primarily from olives that are still green.

 Negative attributes:

 Fusty: Characteristic flavor of oil obtained from olives stored in piles that have undergone an advanced stage of anaerobic fermentation.

 Mold moisture: Characteristic flavor of oil obtained from olives which have been developed fungi and yeasts due to moisture being stored in several days.

 Borras: Characteristic flavor of oil that has been in contact with sediment in vats and tanks.

 Winey: Characteristic flavor of certain oils reminiscent of wine or vinegar.


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