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How to import olive oil?

If you are interested to import olive oil to your country, iloveaceite is the best solution

Take our extra virgin olive oil all over the world is one of our objetives. Thus foreign trade and export is one of our strategic activities.

iloveaceite is a business project that is easy to fall in love. We are spanish producers, sellers and exporters of olive oils. Bet, no doubt, by his passion for olive oils, strengthens the knowledge of the Mediterranean identity through continuous actions enhancement of the common culture of the olive, energizes and stimulates local development, and strengthen economic links social and cultural aspects of our production area.

iloveaceite is also a managing online and offline marketing and internationalization (export) of extra virgin olive oil, which offers high-quality products directly from producers, backed by extensive business experience and solvent. (Please, see the Catalogue of Exporter Companies of Chamber Of Comerce Jaén).

Efficiency, reliability, warranty and product quality has allowed us to export to countries like China, Ghana, Honduras, Paraguay, Ukraine, Poland, Belgium, France, Japan, Germany, Dominican Republic, among others.

If you are a wholesaler or retailer (gourmet shop, delicatessen, hotel, restaurant, etc..) we are pleased to offer to your customers for extra virgin olive oil packaging via email to info(at)iloveaceite.com, by calling +34 902 73 70 70 or WhatsApp +34 622 8 1919 8.

For international purchases and / or request for information, orders, prices, special offers, etc.., please contact: iloveaceite International Departament.


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