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Kate in ex-rated video fear

KATE MOSS is terrified about two missing tapes from her video diaries made with ex- lover PETE DOHERTY

(Noticiascadadía/TSO).- The pair travelled everywhere with a camcorder to document their relationship. They captured hours of material of special occasions, antics on the tour bus and even behind closed doors at home.

Kate in ex-rated video fear

They took the camcorder on a holiday to Ibiza earlier this year and also recorded themselves at Glastonbury Festival.

After the pair’s messy break-up Kate found six of the eight tapes of the pair’s shenanigans and destroyed them.

But two are still missing — and the supermodel is worried about where they will turn up.

A source revealed: “There are still some bits and pieces floating about of Pete with Kate.

“She has got rid of most of it. Six out of eight tapes have been destroyed.

“But she wanted to bury the lot before he could humiliate her by selling them or putting them on the internet.�? Some clips were posted on the web while the pair were still an item. They were singing duets under the name KP Nuts.

In one the Babyshambles frontman is seen serenading a half-naked Kate in her Cotswolds home. In another they dressed in red military uniforms and sang together.

Many of the clips ended in four-letter drunken outbursts.

The source added: “It was fine when they were together.

“Kate thought it was romantic — all a bit JOHN LENNON and YOKO ONO.

“But Kate could then obviously decide with Pete what was going to be made public.

“Now, with the remaining two tapes, she has no say.

“Pete could do what he wants with them. And we all know what Pete can do when he’s desperate for a bob or two.

“In one of the clips they put online Kate is wearing just knickers and a see-through nightgown as Pete sings to her.

“If they made that public, just think what could be on the tapes they held back.�?

Earlier this month Kate kicked Pete out of her North London home and changed the locks after he cheated on her with a South African model.

They were already on the edge after he allegedly took a pile of cash from her home. Pete has sold his diaries, poems and artwork to a publisher for a six-figure sum.

The Books Of Albion, released last month, include details of some of his most intimate moments with his ex-lover.

Kate will be concerned that he could do a similar deal with their remaining tapes. Now she is moving house as she tries to get over their troubled two-year romance.

She has found another place close to her North London home so she can rid herself of all memories of Pete.


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