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Rocker Bryan Adams and Elle MacPherson try to keep their new romance under wraps

Supermodel Elle Macpherson and international rock star Bryan Adams are secretly dating while she shows in topless on beach

The couple enjoyed a passionate kiss at a private party in Bryan's London home on Tuesday night after the launch of his new photo exhibition.


A source said: "They were all over each other, flirting outrageously and they couldn't keep their hands or eyes off each other."

Elle, nicknamed "The Body", and sexy Bryan make a fab couple but were trying to keep the relationship top secret - because it's very early days and they've been pals for ages before romance blossomed.


Because of this the supermodel, 44, stayed away from Bryan's big night on Tuesday.


The 48-year-old launched an exhibition of new photographic portraits, called Modern Muses, in The Hospital in Covent Garden. The bash also launched the BlackBerry Women & Technology Awards.

In the exhibition Bryan has photographed some of the most inspiring women in Britain, including actress Anne-Marie Duff, singer Annie Lennox and designer Vivienne Westwood.


After the exhibition Bryan threw a private Mexican-themed party at his Chelsea home, which Elle did attend. To avoid tongues wagging the pair didn't display any affection in public.


They waited until Elle was leaving his house, at around midnight, to get all touchy-feely.


"They enjoyed a passionate snog at his front door when they thought nobody was looking", the source added.


"Bryan and Elle tried to hide behind the door slightly but they were caught out.


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